Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Quilted Angel

After a few days of drinking wine, eating chocolate & eating local cheeses, we decided to change things up a bit a went to visit Petaluma, California. This basis of this trip was a visit to the The Quilted Angel. The drive from Sonoma was extremely beautiful: endless fields of vineyards, cows enjoying being out in the pasture, hilly dry lands.
When we arrived in Petaluma, we entered via a more industrial area. There were some incredible buildings old brick buildings that had been carefully restore with ivy growing on the side. Other buildings still stand tallbut have certainly seen better days. Just a few moments later, we arrived at the Quilted Angel. The building itself was welcoming but did not seem large. How much fabric could they really have? From the outside, the building looked too narrow to hold much. Oh well, I thought. At least it would be a quick stop. Gilles decided to wait in the car. Once I started to explore, it felt as the the store was growing by leaps and bounds. The store seemed to go on forever. So many fabrics, so little time. Towards the middle of the store, there is a large classroom. It looked like it would be a lot of fun to take a class here. Their selection of books and patterns are amazing. They have pretty anything you could want or imagine. There were many things that I had not seen before.
Definitely worth a visit. At one point, Gilles came in thinking the shop had swalowed me alive. Almost, but not quite :) The ladies in the shop were lovely with him asking if he needed any help. When I called out to him, they all sighed a sigh of understanding what this goofball was doing in the shop.
I forgot to mention that we stayed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission. Quite frankly it is amazing we went anywhere since the resort was fantastic.

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