Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Modkid Patterns arrived! Woohoo

Yesterday was a great day. I came home from work to a package of sewing patterns. I ordered them from FlairforFabric. I've been eager to try the patterns from Modkid. The styles look so cute and hip. I often tease that my niece is my best customer. Sofia is 4 yrs old and she loves all the dresses I make. She now even makes requests and suggestions on style. When I saw these patterns, I immediately thought of her. In the upcoming weeks (after a weekend trip to Reno for a race), I will post pics of the process of making one and review the pattern.
For now, my first impressions:
  • Presentation: beautiful color pics, nice booklet layout with lots of diagrams
  • Tips: given in the Things to Know - well written and good for sewers of all abilities
  • Directions: Very well written, simple and clear explanations. The diagrams and images help support the written explanation
I can't wait to get started. Still not sure if I will start with Frida or Emma. Sofia lives in Cairo, Egypt so either will be perfect for the hot weather. In the meantime, I will start picking out some fabric and prepping it. Stay tuned...

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BoutiqueKarma said...

I look forward to hearing your experience with these patterns. I've often been tempted to order both of these patterns for my daughter (the ultimate girly girl).

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