Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ModKids Frida - slow progress..... (part3)

Well, a few things have slowed the progress. First, it was the trip to Reno. Then, it was the campaign to get a new puppy, followed by the actual puppy. Now, it is the heat and lack of air conditioning combo. Who wants to iron when it is a record 31 degrees Celsius (91F) or 38 degrees with the humidity index (100F).

Step 6: Attaching the Sleeves and Ties to the bodice.
The Ties: As soon as I read the instructions for the tie, I knew I would like this pattern. I hate it when patterns call for sewing a narrow strip right side together and then turning it right side out. It drives me nuts to turn something so narrow right side out. Thanks, Patty, for considering this aspect of the instructions. Good Call.
Basically, you just fold the tie lengthwise wrong sides together. Then, fold it in again and topstitch. Easy enough.

Now with the ties done and the sleeves ready. I just pinned them in place and sewed it all together as per the instructions. The result is looking good. I can't wait to work on the skirt. Today, I had dreams of being able to iron, but it is really tooo hot. Stay tuned for more.
The next step is the pockets. I am debating whether or not to make them since the white might be too much of a contrast and you may not see the fabric quite as much. On the other hand Sofia really loves pockets and judges my sewing abilities by whether or not a garment has pockets. We'll see...

PS. The puppy's name is Chulita which meas Cutie in Spanish. I also got distracted by making her a reversible bandana. In a later post, I will include instructions on how to make one for your furry friend.

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8chocolate said...

I would love to see a picture of Chulita in her bandana. What a cutie! Perfect name for her.

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