Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three Little Pigs

For each race Gilles does, there is always a project on the go. Usually, it involves knitting since it is portable. While I have 2 knitting projects on the go for this trip (socks and a sweater), I am most excited about my embroidery project. It is not very practical since it has a white background and can easily get dirty. But hey, life's about taking chances. I thought it best not to take it to the aid stations, but I did bring it to the race briefings and have it with me. Everywhere I went, I walked with it in hopes of letting the images come alive. Well, tonight after a lovely dinner, I put the final touches on the bricks and it was done. When I get home I will do the patchwork around it. For now the main goal is to work on the remaining 8 blocks. Next up is the princess and the pea. I will start on it tomorrow.

Embroidery / Race schedule:
  1. Tahoe Rim
  2. Stormy
  3. Leadville
  4. Cascade Crest
  5. Oil Creek
If I keep up this schedule, it is looking good to finish by year end. If Gilles adds a few extra, I am sure to finish by Christmas.

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