Friday, July 31, 2009

ModKids Frida - All Done and ready to ship...... (part 4)

WOW! What a difference a few degrees can make! It cooled down only a few degrees, but with the light breeze, I took a chance and got moving on Frida.

Step 7: Time to work on the skirt
I decided to skip the pockets mostly because I really like the fabric and wanted to show it off as much as possible.
A) Sew side seams together. I chose to serge the seams to ensure a proper finish. I know Sofia usually plays lots in her dresses and it will often be washed. Patty recommends top-stitching at 1/8". However, I chose 1/4" since I could easily use my 1/4" foot without giving it much thought.

Step 8: Prepare the bottom skirt band. The instructions here are quite simple and easy to follow. This technique is very lovely and gives a great finished look. Reduces the need to have to properly measure and hem the skirt.
Step 9: Attach the skirt to the bodice. First you gather the skirt to match the width of the bodice. Then, sew the outer layer of the bodice to the skirt. I chose to sew and finish each bodice side at a time. When I prepped the lining to enclose the seam, I trimmed the seam allowance. The main reason for this is that my the bodice is white and the skirt is a darker colour and I did not want it to show through.

VOILA, IT IS FINISHED!!! Now, I just need to send it off to Sofia in Cairo, Egypt. She will certainly be a cool girl in this dress.

Key things to take note of with this pattern:
  1. Carefully read the pattern layout: I did not do this and when it came time to attaching the bottom band on the skirt, the band was not wide enough. Instead of Cutting on the line indicated for all dresses, I cut the fabric for the shirt length. Not a tragic mistake, but one more reason to pay attention to the pattern.
  2. If you get a new puppy, remember where the water bowl is now located. I have always cut my fabric on the kitchen island and have never aid attention to the fabric that hangs over the edge. Now, Chulita's water and food bowl are kept at the side of the island. Oops.....
For a full series of pictures of the sewing experience, check out my flickr set

Overall, I found that the instructions were easy to follow and well laid out. I definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to sew for little girls. There are a variety of ways to put Frida together to get different looks. I also appreciate the booklet style of the pattern and paper it is printed on. It feels sturdy. I am confident, I can get many uses out of this pattern without it falling apart.
Now, if only I could get Patty's fabric here in Vancouver.


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